Personal Site Response 2

Visiting the Kings Center I noticed a lot of things personally from the short time that I was there and from the previous times that I have visited this space. I was able to note a lot of different changes from previous time that I have been there from the two-hour session I encountered at The Kings Center on Sunday February 26th, 2017. There are many ways in which I encountered many thoughts from the previous times I was there until my two hour session on Sunday.


Growing up my mother would take my sister and I to the Kings Center every Martin Luther King holiday to learn our history and to make sure that we were up to date with our knowledge there.  I was around the age of 7 and my sister was 10 years old when we made our first visits there. All throughout elementary school, middle school, and some high school till around 9th grade my mother would take us faithfully down to the Kings Center every Martin Luther king holiday. Although it has been like four or five years since my visit to this space I had many thoughts. Some of my many thoughts were questions. These questions were, “Has anything changed?” “ Is it still at  the same location?” “Will there be more things added to the space?” “ Will the admission still be free?” Although I had a lot more questions my MAIN question was “Has anything changed?”


Once arrived bright and early Sunday afternoon, I began to notice a huge change form just the walk there. The main change I noticed was the group of people that I saw within the space. For instance, from prior visits all I really ever saw at the site were people of African American descent. There were hardly any other people at the space that were Caucasians, Asians, and other nationalities and other descents. As I was walking up Auburn Avenue past Ebanizer Church I saw a large diversity of people exploring all aspects of The Kings Center and other historical sites located across the street from this site. There were all kinds of people learning the history of The Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Kings’ lasting long legacy. Not only that but the site of the grave stock had changed. From the last time that I was there was only one grave stock out in the middle of the water on the platform, which was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s. Due to my recent visit, I noticed that Correta Scott was also added to this remarkable grave stock.  I have been shocked to have found out that she was added and it questioned my thoughts of what else could have been added inside of the King Center. Once I entered the Kings Center I did notice some changes like recent documents that have been added with in the space. But in all reality, not much has changed inside of the Kings Center but a few more added documents.


As for my other questions : “ Is it still at the same location?” yes. “Will there be more things added to the space?” , yes the Correta Scott King grave stock and addition of new documents of achievement. “ Will the admission still be free? , yes!


In conclusion, I had many thoughts about this space coming in, due to prior knowledge. I learned that this space did include a different variety of people, additions of documents of achievements and many more. I can say that I have learned a lot and that all of my few broad thoughts were answered.

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