Built Environment Description (Personal)

Visiting Cabbagetown I noticed a lot of things personally. Even though I had no prior knowledge about this town or its existence I did learn a lot about Cabbagetown. I interpreted a lot from this site. This site also made me question its importance and significance and had me acquire some mixed emotions about the community. Because of Cabbagetown I have expanded my knowledge more about Atlanta and its important sites. There are many ways in which I interpreted many first impressions and thoughts, emotions, and interpretations from the site of Cabbagetown.

Because I did no research or knew anything about Cabbagetown, going there I legit thought that Cabbagetown was a place with a lot of Cabbages on some type of field. As crazy as it may    sound I had no clue what to expect or what I was getting into. I was stuck between that impression and another one of mine. The other was an impression of Cabbagetown being a town or place for children to have fun. Something kind of like Chucky-E-Cheese or like another place where kids play. My friend and I walked to Cabbagetown from our dorm which was an HOUR and a half long walk which seemed like forever. During our walk, we noticed that the area we were heading to seemed very private. It was also very small. Not a lot was there but they did in fact have a park and some small corner end stores to make it appear larger. It looked like a lot of private property and it seemed if we were to step on the wrong side of the road we would have been in some major consequences. Once we actually reached the town we noticed how nice everyone was and also how accepting they were being towards us. So immediately once we got into the dead smack center of Cabbagetown my first impression of the town became a good one. I’m sure the people there could tell that we were not from Cabbagetown by the way my friend I were acting, but they still were very welcoming. At first this neighborhood did seem a little country but then as we continued our journey we found that there was a huge diversity in who lived there. My friend and I pointed out that almost all kinds of people lived in Cabbagetown. From just the hour and a half that we stayed there, we saw people of almost every race and nationality.  This opened my eyes and made Cabbagetown become a lot more enjoyable place for me to interpret.

When I first got to Cabbagetown I had a lot of mixed emotions. Mainly because I didn’t know how the people there were going to be and if just overall because of how the place was.  The emotions that I experienced the most at first was kind of a fearful. It was fearful because I had absolutely no idea of what I was about to get into. I had no knowledge whatsoever of this place. The main fear came from my thoughts on if the people there would like me as a person and if they were going to be welcoming of me and my friend. Turns out that in fact they were EXTREMLY welcoming and the town was nothing to be scared of or fearful at all. Once that emotion went away I started to get the emotion of pure happiness. Everyone that I personally met and talked to were all so nice that it legit seemed too good to be true. It felt as if I were in some sort of happy movie were everyone gets along with one another and nothing will go wrong because everyone LOVES EVERYONE. I found and thought that this place was a little too unreal but maybe there are just some small communities that do it.

Coming across Cabbagetown I had no idea what to expect. I was basically coming in there blindfolded because I had no information about its site or its importance/history. I have never ever heard of this place until then. Still to this day after visiting this site I do not have a lot of information or know a lot about it but I did gather some things together during the time I spent there. Like I stated earlier, Cabbagetown has a lot of welcoming people and some of these people were willing to speak with me on why they live in Cabbagtown and why they all love it so much. Basically, I was just trying to find out why it was so special. So, my friend and I went out of our way to ask some of the residents that we saw already on the streets some questions of our own. There was one resident that we spoke with who pretty much gave us some good information about Cabbagetown. Her name was Molly and she told us that Cabbagetown was one of the firsts towns that were built in Atlanta. We asked her why she is currently a resident there and she told us that she has lived there for all her life and that she loves the people there. Almost everyone we spoke with told us that they loved the people that lived their either because they were nice and very welcoming. It was clear to see that Cabbagetown in my eyes was a very culturally diverse community in which majority of the residents that lived there got along with each other.

Cabbagetown in my opinion is a beautiful place and I feel that everyone should at least visit it once or twice with their time down in Atlanta. It’s a very welcoming place the people are extremely nice, and it’s a neighborhood like none other. You can legit see the difference in the communities downtown Atlanta to ones in Cabbagetown. Because of my visit to Cabbagetown I have interpreted many thoughts, emotions, and interpretations about that site.


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