Built Environment Description (Objective View)

The site that I had to visit for my Built Environment Descriptions (BED) was the one and only lovely Cabbagetown. Cabbagetown is located on the east side of Atlanta. This particular site in Atlanta appeared to be a neighborhood from my understanding, with many objective descriptions that you can make an inference from.From my short time there, my friend and learned a lot about this location based off their people, its wild arrangements and the color, and traffic/walkways in this space.

There are many things to notice when describing the people in this space. The people at Cabbagetown seemed very happy. In this space, I noticed that almost everyone was outside doing something. Surprisingly when I went to this location on February 10th 2017, it was a beautiful outside. The high was around 73 degrees with a nice wind blow as if you were on the beach. Some were outside talking with neighbors, many walking their big and strong dogs, kids on bikes and scooters, and many just sitting on their long porched enjoying the day. With this being stated, instantly it reminded my friend and I of the kind of movies where everyone in the town or neighborhood was happy and that nothing could ever possibly go wrong within that town. Pretty much it appeared everyone knew of each other based off the many greetings that we encountered. They even greeted us from time to time, even though it was clear that we were not from their town or knew anything about their town. It also sparked my attention of hoe everyone in Cabbagetown loved their neighborhood. On almost all the houses and cars my friend and I noticed that I love Cabbagetown was somewhere on them. It was a sticker that literally said, “I heart Cabbagetown” almost everywhere. All we could pretty much conclude about the people here was that they really love their home, Cabbagetown.

As far as colors went, I can proudly say that Cabbagetown is a neighborhood that loves all colors. Walking into Cabbagetown one of the first things that I noticed was that Cabbagetown was very colorful and that it looked like a beautiful rainbow. The few color houses that stood out to me were bright yellowish-greenish, baby blue, royal pink, and a nice chic orange color. Also, the houses here was not like your everyday suburb houses. They each had many different unique designs, but a lot of the houses were one story houses. Majority of these designs seemed like they could’ve been designed by the people of Cabbagetown itself because, of how unique they were. Although they weren’t all the same color they were in fact very bright colors and eye catching. These houses were also very close to each other. Its seemed like they were just a couple inches apart from each other. My friend and I came to conclusion that might have been one of the reasons why so many people knew of each other in Cabbagetown, which was because their houses were so close to one another.

The walkway in Cabbagetown was very tight. Cabbagetwon is a small town and everything is really close together. There is also a lot of stuff in the streets. It kinds seems really cluttered once you go deeper into the neighborhood you can see a lot of stuff that seemed very vintage. I noticed a lot of metal in the streets. This metal seemed very old and rusted, but it gave the town an even more fancier look. Walking down the streets my friend and I noticed that there are a lot of one way streets. But almost going anywhere in Atlanta are one way streets so that wasn’t really all that surprising. What was surprising to me was that Cabbagetown looked like a neighborhood/town, and you don’t usually see one way streets in neighborhoods like that. There is also a park that Cabbagetown has which is called Cabbagetown Park.

Cabbagetown taught me a lot for my built environment descriptions. Even though I have never been there before and never heard of Cabbagetown I still obtained a lot of information about its people, color, and traffic/walkway space.

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