Thesis : With this being stated, throughout the rest of this analysis you will learn how Cabbagetown has refused to change its customs and values of the city and how this town came together to not let this happen their neighborhood.

1st argument : Northwest Atlanta, Southwest Atlanta, South Atlanta are all places that have been affected.

-Evidence – Moreland Avenue image showing the gentrification

2nd argument : It is very easy to associate Cabbagetown with the rest of East Atlanta’s gentrification problem, simply because it is located there, but in fact Cabbagetown has done little to no change within the city itself.

– Evidence – For instance, all different forms of art and colors were added to the space to jazz it up a bit, but no type of renovation or destruction was added to move these people out of their homes or form this town to be considered as “socially acceptable.”

3rd argument : Because of its importance here, it seems like gentrification will never happen here.

– Evidence : The residents here have come together as a community to prevent gentrification from happening.


For my presentation I now know that I am going to talk about the the main arguments which are: Cabbagetown not undergoing gentrification, its comparison and contrast to other cities that have already been affected by this problem , and lastly how gentrification is most likely never going to officially affect Cabbagetown itself.

During my discussion with my classmates, they have helped me be able to include more information and research to observe if there is any other cities in East Atlanta like Cabbagetown. In other words, if there is another town in East Atlanta that has not undergone gentrification.


BEA “working” thesis

The space that I was the most interested in my Built Environment was Cabbagetown.  I have had many questions to how this particular town was so much different than the rest of Atlanta. This town gave me a better outlook on towns in Atlanta, and I was able to make a few connections and a few differences.  This space portrayed the movie type of feel of everyone being so nice and friendly to you when you walk by, and made it seem like everyone was so happy and didn’t have any issues or worries. This town showed me the actual true definition of loving your neighbor and town can be true in some cases.