Annotated Bib Revision 3

McGuigan, Cathleen. “Architecture and the History of Race: The Story of the African American Record, vol. 204, no. 10, Oct. 2016, p. 21.

In this article Cathleen Mcguigan, uses her own personal experience of growing up African American to show us how it correlated to the built environment. She includes a lot of detailed information about how the African American culture was used in the built environment today, and what is not today. She provides the audience with detailed examples and situations that surfaced the Africa American community.  She also brought to my attention the fact of African American history/culture is not usually associated with the ideal “American” history.  To be more specific she made it clear by stating that the museum nowadays are not just used to describe black history, but in fact using culture to help us understand what it means. She stated, “This is a museum that uses culture to understand what it means to be an American.” This article helps provide me with knowledge from a actual primary source, due from all this information coming from her own past experiences. This also showed me that she used her past experience to connect not only being black but also a mean of just being American.

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