Annotated Bib Revision 2

Davis, Kimberly. “Black Architects: Embracing and Defining Culture.” Ebony,   vol. 60, no. 12, Oct. 2005, pp. 108-114.

In this article, Kimberly emphasized the beauty of African American cultures by showing how people embrace it and define it. Kimberly Davis argues that there is a huge lack in the architects in the African American community. She also states that there are more architects in the culture that many do not know about and she demands that these architects become more known. She makes and uses demands for there to be more involvement and advancement in this culture today in modern times. In the world today, there is a lack in black architects.This article will help me understand the teachings of the education that is taught in African American culture. For instance, some of the very few black architects have a strong love for it and its profession.  I also came across a quote about some of their love for it. For example, “Williams, principal and design director for Perkins + Will, says architecture just seemed to “make sense”.”

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