Annotated Bib Revision 1

Zipf, Catherine. “The Architecture of American Slavery: Teaching the Black    Lives Matter Movement to Architects.” Radical Teacher, no. 106, Fall2016, pp.  97-105.

In this article, Catherine discusses the broad teaches of The BLM or (Black Lives Matter)  movement and how it correlated to her studies of “The Architecture of American Slavery” at a engaging seminar at Roger Williams University.  She argues that her studies showed that the involvement and evolution of “The Architecture of American Slavery” by tying in the new principles of the Black Lives Matter Movement. She uses different articles and other research to prove that her course would benefit the understanding of slavery, its architecture, and how it is used today. This article will help show me the many connections of the modern Black Lives Matter campaign to the early and important different slavery artifacts that Catherine discovered in her teaching at the seminar.

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