Annotated Bib 9

Holloway, Joseph E. “African American Architecture : A Hidden Heritage.” African American Architecture : A Hidden Heritage – N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2017.
In this article Joseph Holloway, explained and emphasized  the importance of African American Architecture. Not only that but also how it is symbolized as a “Hidden Heritage”.  He argues that when viewing African American architects it starts to become clear that it is based off of certain specific areas. For instance he states, “material; technique, and design” are all of the areas in which African American architects has stayed the same before and after slavery, all because of African decent. He then goes on to include how many of the contributions that are being made from these particular architects still go unnoticed. Im my opinion, I agree with his explantation 100 percent. Based off of all my previous blog post it seems that only a few percentage of people actually know where majority of the architects actually originate in todays society. This article will help me qualify the different amounts of contributors to African American architects and how African architects are still being incorporated into everything.

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