Annotated Bib 7

Altman, Susan. “Black Achitects Have a Rich American History.” N.p., n.d. Web

In this article, Susan Altman talks about how black architects have made a huge change to our American history. Also how we tend to depend on their buildings and teachings today. Pretty much how all buildings today all have some correlation and tie back to African American architects. Susan argues that every since the plantation days (because it was the slaves who were building them) Americans have still used African American buildings and architect features to rely on new artifacts and buildings in America today. With in this article she also talks about and gives many examples of black African American people who became major architects and how people today still use their buildings to help create their own. She also uses her article in chronological order to help show the low points and high points of architecture in African American history.  This article will help show to me the different major productions of African American artifacts and how they are still being incorporated in todays artifacts.

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