Annotated Bib 6

Shabazz, Rashad and Muse Project. Spatializing Blackness : Architectures of Confinement and Black Masculinity in Chicago. University of Illinois Press, 2015. New Black Studies Series. EBSCOhost,

In this article, Rashad discusses the idea of spatializing blackness. He does this by using architects in another and more creative way. He states that, “architectures of confinement, policing, surveillance, urban planning, and incarceration”, is his way of explaining the idea of spatializing blackness. He argues that this the specific gender and can have power functions of where people of African American decent live. Rasahd does research to prove how the ongoing ideal of spatializing blackness comes from black African American males and their identity in this era. This article will help show me an beneficial study that highlights the race of space, the role of containment in the sense of African American, the actual politics of mobility under conditions of their freedom, and the ways African American  men cope with and how they avoid these certain containments in architectural views. This article will also prove the reason why it is targeted against African American males and how they came to exist in the first place.

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